3 Şubat 2018 Cumartesi

Origins Mask Reviews

Hello everybody,

I want to talk about two masks of the Origins brand that I have been waiting impatiently to try since it came to Turkey. The first product I chose from Origins was a coal mask.

origins coal and clay mask

I was looking for a mask that cleans my pores deeply and has clean and non-toxic ingredients inside it. This coal mask was one of the bestseller products of Origins. If we come to my comments about this product briefly;


It says that the coal mask was developed to clean pores and make skin look softer and smoother. The product is suitable for dry, normal and oily skin types. My skin type is little bit of combination to oily. 
I apply this product to my clean skin especially when the pores are open after showers to my whole face once or twice a week. I keep it on my face for about 15-20 minutes. The mask is drying up at this time. It is getting harder to talk, laugh and make gestures after mask dry completely. Then, I clean it with warm water. There is a slight tightening in the dry part of my face, but the feeling is totally worth it. I really loved the mask, my skin becomes so smooth after it. My forehead and chin areas are sensitive and react to most of the products and it means lots of new pimples on my skin. But, I believe that these product cleans my pores and reducing acne formation.



This mini size product is given me from one of the Origins store. This mask smells so good. There is rose clay inside the product with some particles. It says the product refines the pores and make skin silky. I also prefer to apply this mask after showering. One of the employees in Origins said that if I applied the product with massaging, it would have a peeling effect at the same time. I keep it on my skin around 15 minutes and also clean it with warm water. 

My skin becomes soft after washing and leave a feeling of smoothness. I always want to touch it :) I think this is more of an effect of peeling with the particles inside.


If I compare these two masks, charcoal mask is more effective for deep cleaning and it is more aggressive then the clay mask. But I think I liked the feeling of smoothness of the clay mask better. Coal mask is recommended to be used once or twice a week. I use the charcoal mask once a week and the clay mask twice. I feel that they have good effects on my skin and I think I will continue to use them regularly for a long time.

See you in my next post :)

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